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My name is Katie and my sister is Jackie, I'm 13 and she's 10.  We started our company in October 2012 with money our Grandmother left us after she passed away in 2011.

It took a year to decide what to do with Granny's money; it was not until Aunt Cheryl showed us her European Bracelet that the idea


started. Jackie and I just fell in love with her bracelet; we just had to have one.  Reality aka my parents set in when we learned the cost of her bracelet; it was in the hundreds.  So the idea of finding quality beads that I or any kid could afford started, it took months to research products and vendors, we quickly learned the quantity ordered drives the price.  We also learned that the fancy packing that gets thrown away also increases the cost; we started negotiating to get to a price point of $2.00 a bead.  Our first deal was struck; beads costing $15.00 to $45.00 elsewhere would only cost $2.00 through us.

We offer quality products that are nickel, lead and cadmium free with a Sterling Silver top coat, our products will not act negatively with your skin.

We received great support in selling our products that has allowed us to expand; we now make a line of Wickless, Flameless candles called Smelly Jelly.  They are a safe alternative to the standard flamed candle as you do not light, heat or melt them.

We also make the 550 Paracord bracelets in a variety of colors.  We're sure you will find your favorite sports team colors with our selection.

We have learned a great many things about ourselves and business, we are thankful for the love and support everyone has shown us.  We're blessed with a loving and supportive family and friends.  Thanks for reading our story and buying our products!


Katie and Jackie





Welcome to the JK Beads Fundraising Program

Trollbead Pandora Chamilia Beads Necklace and Bracelet

We want to thank you for the opportunity to present JK Beads Fundraising Program to you.  We understand how frustrating it is, to offer the same products year after year and we have a better solution.

No longer will your customers say “No Thank You” to what they believe to be cheap overpriced products, we offer a customizable product that fits any budget and is backed by one of the best warranties in the business.

All of our jewelry is manufactured using the highest quality materials and is inspected prior to shipment. We stand behind everything we sell and warrant all items with a 6-month no questions asked replacement guarantee.

All of our beads are compatible with all leading European Charm Bracelet brands and when compared side by side very few could tell the difference.

We are offering the entire line of JK Beads and Bracelets at a discount of 40% to 80% off the suggested retail price; there are several hundred different styles in several categories that include Aluminum, Enamel, Metal,  Glass and Resin to choose from. 

We offer in school, door-to-door and online ordering; this added flexibility increases sales by 30% as it allows the use of credit cards and ordering from distant family and friends that wish to support your organization.

There is no out of pocket cost to you, your members will be provided marketing material and order forms for face-to-face sales.

We require 14 days for order review, validation and processing, we offer you 30 days net once the product has been delivered to you.

Together we can help you reach your fundraising goals.


Thank you,


JK Beads

303 E. Court Ave #1101

Jeffersonville, In 47130


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